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Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village is an innovation area at Chalmers Technical University that promotes entrepreneurship and sustainable development. They offer a creative work environment and support startups through business development and networking. With a focus on technology and innovation, they create a platform for the companies and social solutions of the future.


The area has a strong offering in being able to naturally combine science with the market. But in order to get young entrepreneurs to understand what they have to offer, we needed to clarify the area and its unique value without losing the connection to the rest of the university.


In close collaboration with Chalmers, the area was defined with a clear framework and message where both young entrepreneurs and tech startups outside the university feel inspired and welcome. The quadrant, the framing corner, became the foundation of the visual concept. The goal was to engage and lower thresholds for the new generation of innovators.


There has been an 30% increase of startups from outside of the University establishing in the village. Several of the companies working in the village have got funded from investors outside of the university. 


“Working with Make is a pleasure. Professional, creative, honest and efficient. They move the process forward, come up with exciting ideas and are responsive to what we as customers want, but also challenge us to think outside the box. They are humble and patient for the complexity it can entail when many stakeholders have to agree before decisions.”

Madeleine Wahlberg

Community Manager