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Langley has successfully operated its own hotels and resorts for over 30 years, known for its unique atmosphere and often appearing in places that offer something extra. Their hotels are distinguished by both the accommodation itself and the many exciting activities on offer. With its roots in the French Alps, Langley has managed to spread the feeling of a true ”ski bum” to other parts of the world.


The travel industry has gone through major changes and the most important part of the work was to adapt Langley from being a tour operator with its own hotels to becoming a hotel chain. How guests behave and what you want on holiday has also changed, Langley needed to adapt to this new hospitality world.



Make has been part of Langley’s change journey over time. We have been involved in everything from developing the overall brand to acting and looking like a hotel chain as well as creating identities and experiences for their individual hotels. The adaptation of experiences and expressions to a more seamless and digital world has also been a central part of our work together.


The Langley succes story is continuing with more hotels, better offer and happier customers every year! 


”A long-term collaboration where Make has been involved and strengthened our unique feeling and identity. With insights and commitment, they have helped us on our journey and it is a collaboration that will hopefully continue to create memorable experiences for our guests.”

Pontus Langley

Founder and owner, Langley Hotels and Resorts