We are called Make because we make real change and are with our clients every step of the way. We transform businesses, make them unique to stand out and be profitable on todays market. Not many offers are unique today, not even the best ones succeed, it is how you package and present your them where the difference between success and failure is made.

We transform and launch your brand to the market. By using data and technical audits we can help you maximize the digital possibilitys.

In today’s market branding is one of the most powerful business tools and we strive to be a trusted partner in our clients’ success stories.

Problems we solve

”How can we become more contemporary without compromising our history and who we are?”

”Our industry has changed, we need to update to keep up”.

“Our brand does not work online. Our website feels generic.”

”We want to develop a new digital service and need help with both branding and implementation”.

”We need to inspire our internal team.”

We know we need to develop our website but it’s such a big project that it’s hard to get started.”

”We need to update how we look to better communicate our values and ambitions.”

“We need to look bigger and more professional to help us attract investment.”

”People don’t understand what we stand for or what makes us different.”

”We are launching a new product but don’t know where to start to  customers.”

”We need to work on our brand but don’t know where to start.”




Brand platform
Portfolio strategy
Customer experiences
Service blueprints
Service design

Brand design

Creative Direction
Visual identity
Design system
Photo style and photoshoots

Digital design

Digital service development
Wire frames and planning
UX/UI design
Web design
App development

Implementation and activation

Activation plan
Internal anchoring
Implementation team


By understanding our customers, their category and conditions, we create brands and experiences that make a difference.

Most important is an open and clear way of working to create the conditions for a successful partnership.

1. Research and insights

We start by understanding the problem, define the project and its direction. Target groups, the market and opportunities.

2. Concept and design

Strategi, koncept och design tas fram för att skapa tydliga och effektiva upplevelser. Inte bara enstaka ytor utan för ett konsekvent varumärke som helhet. 

3. Implementation and activation

Design and strategy will never be better than execution. We develop an understanding for your specific needs to create the best possible effect of the work.

About us

The team

Make is a scalable team of experienced creators where the project group is put together based on the needs of the every specifc project. You get creative experts relevant to the assignment. The people you meet on the calls are the ones who do the work.

Part of something special

We share space with companies specializing in digitization, automation and ai. Together with these experts, we have a broad understanding of digital opportunities, how they can be taken advantage of and create lasting change and competitiveness.


For us, collaboration is the most important parts of what we do, in every way. It starts with listening to our customers, their problems and ambitions, and understanding where we can make the biggest difference.

We also work in an environment where everyone is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas openly, without fear of criticism or rejection. All this leads to better work, better work environment and ultimately – better results.

Over 30 successful business transformations

What our clients say about us

“Working with Make is a pleasure. Professional, creative, honest and efficient. They move the process forward, come up with exciting ideas and are responsive to what we as customers want, but also challenge us to think outside the box. They are humble and patient for the complexity it can entail when many stakeholders have to agree before decisions.”

Madeleine Oom Wahlberg
Community Manager
Chalmers Entrepreneurship Village


”Make has a professional approach and structured working methods while demonstrating innovation and creativity. They understood our needs and challenges when it came to our brand and its content. We appreciated the balance between strategic thinking and pragmatic solutions. They continuously challenged us to simplify and find the essence of our offer.”

Max Sandberg
Founder and CEO
Srenity Solutions

”I appreciate Make’s combination of high creativity and genuine understanding of our needs. They also have the ability to translate strategic thinking and know-how into design and expression. They are responsive and delivery focused which makes the collaboration easy and rewarding. In addition, they are very pleasant to work with.”

Carolina Jaworski
Communications and marketing manager


”Through a creative and professional collaboration, Make has developed our message and brand. Through a close and responsive collaboration, we have created something together that we are proud of and that will continue to inspire our future and current customers.”

Johannes Lejon
COO and Business Area Manager


”A long-term collaboration where Make has been involved and strengthened our unique feeling and identity. With insights and commitment, they have helped us on our journey and it is a collaboration that will hopefully continue to create memorable experiences for our guests.”

Pontus Langley
Langley Hotels & Resorts

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